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A collection of updates and changes made to Expanse and Expanse: Skirmisher.

Update Log for September 2019, Patch 1.4.6

New Engineer capabilities and Equipables

  • Implementation of equipables 'Gravity Well' and 'Anti-Gravity Well'
  • Engineer is now responsible for the use of equipables
  • Balancing
  • Players necessary for Exp/EM gain lowered to 2

Update Log for August 2019, Patch 1.4.5

Introduction of the new NavBall

  • Implementation of new NavBall

Update Log for July 2019, Patch 1.4.4

Big changes from the previous playtests to gameplay and flow of the game

  • Fuel gains added for certain objectives
  • Fixed problems concerning sitting in the bridge after different circumstances
  • Change to Torpedoes being too hard to hit
  • No longer kicked for inactivity if the game is loading
  • Battleships and Destroyers can now equip up to 3 modules
  • Shield parts are now Force Field materials
  • Changes to Camera Shake
  • Fixed not seeing your own beams
  • Fixed missile size and replication
  • Resolution of 'store' and 'options' increased
  • New customization UIs are implemented
  • 'Equipped' text should be displaying correctly on paint cards, and module cards in the customization menu
  • Titlecard button in the class menu properly displaying it is locked
  • Balancing
  • Rebalanced SP requirements
  • Level gain is 15% easier
  • Exp and EM gain is denied if the server has less than 6 players
  • Engine random heat build up is lessened
  • More coolant, less heat
  • Skirmish now gives 3x as much fuel for each objective met
  • Skirmish gamemode now gives 3x the amount of SP
  • Removal of Turret Customization
  • Lowered hull health on Dervish

Update Log for June 2019, Patch 1.4.3

Bug fixes, QoL changes

  • Fixed both teams capturing for blue team
  • Fixed black screen when trying to spawn a ship without owning one
  • Fixed timer at 10 seconds
  • Fixed spawn size
  • Fixed sideways jumping
  • You can no longer regen while out of bounds
  • Fixed missile replication issue
  • Fixes to squadron issues
  • Notifications no longer obstruct the post match screen

Update Log for May 2019, Patch 1.4.2

Changes to flow of gameplay and UI

  • You now have to go through the jump gate in order to jump into the battlefield. No more pressing J to warp
  • Lights and jump UI are removed from the pilot screen; However, lights are still available to toggle
  • Skipping post match works now
  • You inherit your warp speed when you exit the warp
  • Hitting an object with warping will cause you to explode
  • Screen blurs when in post-match

Update Log for April 2019, Patch 1.4.1

Technical Changes

  • Particle Engine runs quicker
  • Leaderboard no longer automatically pops up
  • KillCam no longer comes up upon death
  • Fighters no longer technically have interiors
  • New interaction system using "F"
  • Spawning ships and getting in is much quicker
  • Leaderboard points fixed
  • Squadmates now visible on the leaderboard
  • Hull and Shield now have an increase/decrease animation with a backdrop
  • Basic bug fixes
  • New HUD elements for capture zones and spaceball home/goal zones
  • White Team replaced with Blue Team
  • White team HUD elements replaced with blue team

Update Log for March 2019, Patch 1.4

Small technical fixes

  • Changes to Capital versus Capital damage
  • Fighters no longer instantly die upon hitting environmental assets, unless they hit it at high speeds
  • Kortas, Vertigo, and Victory added to list of balanced ships, putting all ships in a "playable" state. (Not fully tested)
  • Changes to EM, SP, and EXP gains from objectives and kills/assists
  • Technical
  • Torpedos now easier to aim
  • Heat gain reduced by 50%
  • Fixed the Options menu not appearing
  • Fixed Defensive Firing Mode on Capitals when used against Fighters
  • You can no longer boost halfway through a Jump and cancel it
  • Smoothed out FOV
  • Tips/Tutorial now saves whether or not you completed it
  • Changed explosion properties of large ships
  • New ViewportFrame use to see orientation and ship of targetted vessel
  • Fixed misinformation and images not loading
  • Basic bug fixes
  • Fixed alignment of Gunner HUD
  • Fixed the size of replicated particles
  • Addition of sorting and search UI for shipyard
  • Addition of new Squadron UI
  • New topbar placement
  • New Play Menu UI and buttons
  • New Engineer GUI

Update Log for February 2019, Patch 1.3

Balance and technical issues

  • Fixed problem with hacker detection system invalidating shots when you set weapons power to more than 100%
  • Changed the Missile and Torpedo tracking functions
  • A new fire mode is added into the game in which you can shoot where the cursor is aiming (made the new default) and can be changed back to where camera is aiming at from the options menu
  • Fixed Missle tracking
  • Fixed Fighers heating
  • Changes to Missle and Torpedo tracking
  • When window is refocused, freecam mode (alt) will be disabled
  • While in Manual Gunner Mode, you will no longer see your own cursor
  • Twitter codes added to game
  • Lasers now fade
  • MIssiles and Kinetics are more visible
  • Twitter Code UI added to menus
  • Balance
  • Engineer gets coolant 2.1 times faster now
  • Vrangr, Dervish, Stinger, Pendulum, Wasp, Valdr had balance changes
  • Every Fighter has their own heat value

Update Log for January 2019, Patch 1.2.1

Small technical fixes

  • Fixed issue concerning flight assist (Shift and Ctrl)
  • Fixed issue concerning players spawning in incorrect vessels
  • Fixed potential problem concerning loading and data

Update Log for December 2018, Patch 1.2

Introduction of new features and bug fixes

  • Addition of new Spectator mode.
  • Kill cam was finished
  • Addition of Ship loader, similar to battlezone loader, to reduce lag when ships are added
  • UI
  • Squadron button fixed
  • Notification UI fixed
  • Changes to UI for Fighters
  • Deploy UI implemented
  • Missile indicator will no longer show up when not suppose to
  • New Storefront UI
  • Ship Selection screen no longer scrolls when 5 or less ships are owned
  • HUD view depends on visibility factor now
  • Fixed Options OFF color
  • Balance
  • Changes to the level curve
  • Fighter missiles and torpedos now have range
  • Majority of ships had changes to values
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fixed chatbar after Roblox update
  • Fixed decimal point places
  • Changes keybinds of Up/Down to Shift/Ctrl
  • Removed Credits from the game. EM is used for purchasing now.

Update Log for November 2018, Patch 1.1.2

Updates for game improvement and quality of life.

  • Addition of server location matchmaking
  • Battlezone loading to help reduce faults in low-end devices
  • Building
  • Addition of 4 ships. Conqueror, Sequoyah, Yansa, and Victe
  • UI
  • Ship Selection scrolling fixed
  • Overhaul of UI for Expanse, see Update Article Issue 2
  • Notification Color changes
  • Gameplay
  • Updated Ship Hitbox Detection

Update Log for October 2018, Patch 1.1.1

Improvements to performance and design oversights.

  • Options to disable lens flares and ship trails added.
  • Added new beam and tachyon particles
  • Gameplay
  • Fixed bug concerning multiple ships being deployed at the same time.
  • Reenabled the Mercy Rule.

Update Log for September 2018, Patch 1.1

Updates to visuals and sounds to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

  • Created damaging effects such as explosions and sparks.
  • Overheat sound affect added.
  • Jump Warp effects added in.
  • Reduction to heat affects.
  • Projectile sound affects added.
  • Added lens flares to engines.
  • Added custom environment lighting for each Battlezone.
  • Made new particle engine to allow them to be seen from farther away.

Update Log for May 2018, Patch 1.0.5

Improvements to user access, quality and flow of gameplay, and bug fixes from previous test.

  • Fixed engine sounds.
  • Gameplay
  • Improvements to beam and tachyon cannon accuracy.
  • Improvements to post match visuals.
  • Implemented cooling system for engineer crew member.
  • Reduce heating factor in ships.
  • Created a Mercy Rule to help balance gameplay.

November 22, 2016 to January 1st, 2018, Patch 1.0

These updates are undocumented. Changes are unknown.