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Who is Meridian?

Meridian Studios is a big group based on the Roblox platform creating games such as Expanse and Expanse: Skrimisher. Currently the team is 18 strong, which is massive for the platform average of 4.

Everything is handled by the lead developers. Oseday, Alexi, DoubleDog, and Kotevski.

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About The Studio

Kiyo is cool and doesn't afraid of anything

A small, upstart team of talented highschool and college students working to bring our dream of a detailed, combat oriented space sim into reality.
We are constantly hard at work on creating and planning out Expanse, but we will do our best here to give you an idea on what you might expect to see once our work is complete.

The Team Members

Build Lead
Art Lead
Programming Lead
Gameplay Lead
Music Composers
Visual Artist
Moeraknith, Alastor_Insidious, Dr_Death & and RyferionPrime
Intern Builders
Intern Audio Engineer
Intern GFX Artist

Our Story

We set out on a mission to create a massive data persistant universe and on the way we created Skirmisher. Similar to Star Citizens "Arena Commander", Skirmisher exists as an avenue by which our team can perfect our space sim combat. The larger universe and overall plan is to create Expanse. A universe of unknown proportions and creativity.
Our vision is a universe of possibility. Although the Roblox platform is more for a younger audience, we believe that they can create and form a universe just the same as any other demographic could.
New content and ideas are added on occassion while still keeping it plausible. We've setup a trello to help make our ideas more fleshed out and be voted on to allow a democratic view on whether or not the content should be added.