About The Studio

This man is a genius. Kiyo is cool and strong and doesn't afraid of anything

A small, upstart team of talented highschool and college students working to bring our dream of a detailed, combat-oriented space sim into reality.
We are constantly hard at work creating and planning out Expanse, and we will do our best here to give you an idea on what you might expect to see once our work is complete.

The Team Members

Build Lead
Art Lead
Programming Lead
Gameplay Lead
Music Composers
Visual Artists
Moeraknith, Alastor_Insidious, Dr_Death & and RyferionPrime
Intern Builders
Intern Audio Engineer


“It’s a truism in the game industry that a well-designed game should be playable immediately, with no instruction whatsoever.”

Jane McGonigal
Expanse is on a universal scale that covers huge sectors of space where the player can do whatever we allow, within the limitations of the Roblox platform, of course.
The player can fly around, mine, trade, create conflict, be a part of massive battles, and/or make ships from a few meters to a few thousand meters in length. Whatever you can think of and more, we want to allow the player to do. That's what we believe open world, or rather open universe, should be like.

Development Roadmap of Immeasurable Progress

Art Team, 30%
Build Team, 20%
Programming Team, 7%
Gameplay Team, 15%

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice.

Steve Krug
Expanse plays on an unprecedented scale, covering massive sectors of open space where the player can freely interact with the world and create a proper character accordingly, limited only by the ROBLOX platform's boundaries.
The player may explore, mine, trade, raid and manufacture without any constriction; furthermore, all these activities are possible thanks to the wide variety of ships available, from minimal vessels to thousand-meter capitals. This, we believe, is the foundation of raw, sandbox open-world gaming

Better than RoVerse

AlexiRyaov, Build Lead
Currently, Expanse is still experimental and in development and cannot be played. However, we hope to keep you up-to-date on our content and updates through this website and our discord server.

Community Gallery

Pictures taken within Expanse and Expanse: Skirmisher by our community will be posted here
  • Work


  • Work

    Oberon in Rockhound

  • Work

    Catharsis Vs Guardian

  • Work


  • Work

    Catharsis in Rockhound

  • Work

    Demeter Station


What are people saying?

Ahhhh this looks so absolutely sick, amazing work, my compliments to the team.

ArticCitadel, Twitter.

This is absolutely phenomenal! I'm really impressed by the ship designs as well.

xiayurei, Twitter.

You really need to try this game, guys.

Inyo22RBLX, Twitter.

Like, sure the game is a bit hard to actually get a hang of at first, but after just a few minutes of playing, I was drawn in by the simplistic but realistic design and the natural controls.

MarioDylan#9128, Discord.

I'm playing [right now] and this is fucking fantastic. I remember the giant race to finish this game. I'm sad I didn't have the time to stick [with] you boys because you created an insane game.

ForeverTrash#9120, Discord.


Version History
Want to see what's been changed and the new balance updates to ships? Everything that's been changed has been documented in this list since November 2017!
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Community Made Resources
Learn about the ever expanding universe of Expanse and it's assets from other players of all levels of involvement; from new players to die hard fans. (This isn't actually real yet and is just a placeholder for when there is. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
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Visit The Wikia
Wikia is a great resource to find numerical values and lore on assets and other items!
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Check out the Update Articles
Update Articles are our own sort of 'Developer Diaries' where we discuss our current work, the process behind it, and some answers to community questions!
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